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Cura Consultant Group, Cura, is a seasoned partner that provides transformational guidance to achieve extraordinary outcomes. With over 20 years of industry experience within the healthcare market we are committed to delivering exceptional

EVS and Dining Support Services.


Meet Michael Fiorella

Principal Consultant & Founder

Michael has over two decades of experience in the Healthcare EVS and Dining Services Industry. He began his career in New Orleans as a Manager-in-Training and progressed through the ranks from the banks of the Mississippi River to the palms of the West Coast, serving in a variety of positions including; EVS Facility Manager, District Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Sales & Business Development, Senior Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations. 


Michael remains actively involved in humanitarian efforts throughout Texas, Louisiana and Central America. He considers himself a "Coffee Aficionado" and is deeply passionate about plants and gardening.


 “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

— Audrey Hepburn

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Cura's Founding Principles

Our core principles are the foundation of our culture and pillars of our organization. Living them out each day will guide our decisions, connect us at a deeper level and give rise to a sense of purpose that binds our company together. It's CURA's DNA.

  • Collaboration and Engagement that Fosters Solutions and Innovation

  • Embrace Challenges and Celebrate Milestones & Success

  • Maintain the Highest-level of Professionalism

  • Align with Client Partners; Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • Deliver Extraordinary Service that Creates a Pathway Towards Sustainable Growth and Long-term Viability

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Elevate Efficiency, Productivity and Quality

Cura Services

We understand the challenges healthcare communities face and our programs are designed to deliver impactful experiences and maximum outcomes that contribute to our client partners’ operational, regulatory, and financial success.

CURA's focused approach to operational excellence will help you grow with confidence.

CURA’s Vendor Management Services empowers an organization to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors, ensuring excellent service deliverability and deriving maximum value from your service provider on a consistent basis. Cura can assist with staffing/payroll lookbacks, contract pricing analyses, and contract negotiation.

CURA’s “In-House” Support Services will guide the department managers on how to manage more effectively, efficiently, as well as increase productivity and quality. Providing expertise to help with education, process improvement, risk mitigation, and staff retention.

CURA’s Crisis Response Services will minimize the negative and disruptive influence on resident life, quality of care, staffing, facility reputation/corporate brand, or even profit margins caused by the Scope and Severity of Deficiencies. We can help with stabilization, strategic redirection and turnaround services. Our experienced crisis leaders and regulatory specialists are ready to deploy to support our clients and communities.

Performance Improvement
System/Process Evaluation
Vendor Management/
Contract Analysis
Risk Mitigation/
Crisis Management
Cost Reduction/
Infection Prevention
& Control
Quality Assurance/
Regulatory Compliance

Partner with us, we will bring our expertise and innovation to your healthcare organization.

Socia Impact
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Cura is committed to making a conscious and deliberate effort to engage in ongoing community service and volunteer work throughout our global communities. In addition to our efforts, we offer financial relief programs for individuals affected by challenging times, tribulations, & hardships.

In collaboration with Cura partners and Honduran School Officials we completed our first annual Aid for Education charity mission in July 2022, all working together to donate and distribute desperately needed school supplies to underprivileged students facing adversity.

Making a difference in the world is a priority for Cura, after all "cura" means care. Helping others endure and overcome difficulties gives us all a hopeful reminder to thrive and flourish against the odds. No matter how small the effort is, social impact affects everyone in ways we may not realize or immediately understand.

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Responding to COVID-19

Cura Consultant Group is committed to protecting the residents, staff and family members of our healthcare communities from the risk of increased infection. We advise on the most effective measures and leading industry standards needed to improve and ensure a safer and healthier environment. Our comprehensive risk assessment plan will help your facility identify the appropriate action needed to improve your daily operations. Contact us today to set up a consultation suited to enhance your healthcare services and standards.


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